Why Worry?

“You shoot”…. “No, no, you shoot first”….. Or we say “ Quick, shoot fast, there is a group coming up behind us!”

OMG. A lot of us know that feeling of failure because someone is watching us shoot a station.

Why are we sometimes afraid of missing targets in front of others?  Well, it is certainly not because they are putting pressure on us by watching.  Most folks are there for the enjoyment of shooting as well, many times with the same anxieties of missing, and worse, missing in front of others,  that we have.

I think it is because we are afraid of not being able to preform to a level of “perceived” expectations, and those are always self imposed.  Everyone misses targets, from rank beginners, to world class shooters.  Your focus needs to be on what is happening in front of you when you are in the shooting box and not worry about what in going on in the background until you step out of the box.  More on that next time.  Always, always remember, you do this for fun first and foremost!

3 Replies to “Why Worry?”

  1. Sporting Clays is often referred to as golf with a shotgun. This writing brought that home because as a occasional golfer, I often will hit fast because someone is coming toward the tee box, I will hurry through shots that I should make better so as not to seem that I’m slowing up anyone else’s game and will not do what is the nicest part of golf; enjoy the day and being outside with a buddy. I hope to make a practice with my new found passion of shooting, to not worry about who’s watching ( I always choke!), who is waiting and to impress the only person that matters on the course – Me!

  2. Yes don’t worry be happy 🙂 NRA shirt I own “STAY CALM and carry a GUN” glad grits is up and running great job Elizabeth your a smart lady and pretty at that 🙂

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