Why No Score Keeping?

Simple.  You know, I was thinking about it one day . My shooting was far better when I was not worried about impressing anyone or “winning”.

As an instructor, I always felt held to a higher bar. The pressure to perform is no fun. I can shoot well, very well at times. But I found that being under the microscope as an instructor took away from the pleasure shooting has always given me. I have never felt like I had anything to prove.

Am I a chicken? Nope, not at all. I was the same way riding horses. I took lessons for years. My grandmother was a wonderful rider. I could ride forward, backwards, tandem double bareback running through the Buffalo Bayou in Houston Texas. We would jump over boards held up by 55 gallon drums, but when it came to the show ring, I hated it!! I would get on the wrong diagonal posting and my coach would be scratching her head, the signal that I was off and I would think, I hate this, I hate this, I hate this.

What came so naturally everyday, was so different when I “had to”. Same with shooting. Those who enjoy competition are awesome, I just could care less. Do I have a problem with those who love it or if GRITS gals want to try it? Absolutely not! I am their biggest cheerleader if that is what they want to do. It just is not conducive to the mission of the GRITS, thus why the No Score Keeping is the #1 rule of the GRITS.

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  1. Liz your concept of no score keeping is unique and really a refreshing thing….most of our customers are not competitors but they do want to get better….in thinking about this I remember the day my life changed…Vicki and I were shooting The Masters tournament in New Ipswich, New Hampshire…now hold on don’t turn me off now…..just listen….some good stuff is coming……at the end of the tournament we discovered that Vicki had one the women division and placed 3rd to 4th over all and I had bested the field by 2 birds for HOA……. and then it happened…..as Clay Larcome approached the stage who was the home town favorite to accept the second place tournament the announcer said…”Well Clay Im sorry to announce you placed second to Gil Ash.” And Clays response moved me deeply when he said…. “Gil is one of the greatest people I have met in this game. He always is willing to share anything and everything he knows to help you in any way he can and to loose to such a great person is an Honor!” Well that day I learned a valuable lesson and wrote these words that night at The Birchwood Inn…..

    It matters less the difficulty of the targets…..it matters more how you play them…..
    it matters less who wins or looses…..it matters more WHO YOU BECOME…..thanks Clay…unfortunately Clay was killed in an auto accident three days later but not before changing my life forever….again thanks Clay….Gil Ash

  2. Elizabeth nailed it with this comment. I have played tennis all my life (high school , college, surburban etc…) I love the sport and just want to PLAY!!!! Competition can bring out “ugliness” in some people. If you want to compete ….compete…..Elizabeth can steer you in that direction. If you want fun , friendship along with increasing all your shooting skills………JOIN GRITS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I shoot at Backwoods Quail Club in Georgetown SC. Do you know if there is a chapter there? I have just started shooting and I’m addicted. I’m taking lessons and I hope to be shooting pretty good in the coming months. Thanks for starting this club.

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