There are two fundamental GRITS rules:

#1 ~You must be a girl       #2 ~ No scorekeeping allowed

Pretty basic rules wouldn’t you say?  We think so.

Rule #1 can be bent though.  On special occasions, the GRITS will host “Sausage and GRITS” shoots, where the GRITS ladies may bring a favorite guy or anyone else for that matter.  This is at the discretion of the GRITS Chapter and may happen at certain times but not every monthly shoot.

Rule #2 may not be bent.  You may not keep score to win prizes, however, we are all for random drawings, lucky clays placed randomly on a course in machines and more creative and clever ways to “win” other than out shooting your shooting buddies! I know friendly competition is fun, but not at GRITS events.  You win just because you get lucky in a drawing or such.

And maybe an unofficial Rule #3….and that is HAVE FUN!!

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