What is Sporting Clays?

Sporting Clays

If you are new to the sport, you may not know what sporting clays is all about. Here is an explanation of the sport we love! It is often referred to as ‘golf with a shotgun.’

Sporting Clays began as a way to simulate field shooting. When shooting sporting clays each presentation is meant to simulate the flight path of some type of ‘game’; i.e. rabbits, teals, grouse, quail, etc.

The courses are laid out in natural environments and typically include 10 to as many as 17 shooting ‘stations’ with shooters moving from one station to the next to complete shooting a total of 100 targets. Each ‘station’ will present a shooter with a different type of shooting presentation.

At any ‘station,’ targets may be thrown as singles, simultaneous pairs (true pairs), following pairs (one target right after the other), or report pairs (the second target launched at the sound of the gun being fired at the first).

To further challenge us as shooters, targets may vary from the standard clay bird to the smaller ‘midi’ and ‘mini’ targets, or a flat disc shaped ‘battue’ target. There are even ‘rabbit ’targets that are thrown on end and fly across the ground.

Sporting clays is the fastest growing shooting discipline and each course will provide us with a new challenge!

Shoot ‘em up!

Linda Henson

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