Three Bullet Drill

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The three bullet drill that has changed many shooters view of what they are supposed to “see” when they shoot a moving object with a shotgun.  We recommend that shooters do this drill every day…vision is a brain thing and training the brain to “see” or interpret visually what you want it to do when shooting is critical.  In fact, many visual anomalies have been cleared up just by shooters doing this simple exercise.  Check out the video above and let me know what you think.

Vicki and Gil Ash
OSP Shooting School

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  1. glad you like dirt lemeno when the pictures look normal……5 min a day twice a day for 21 day is usually what it takes…..about mid way through the second week something will happen and the pictures will just begin to look normal as the brain figures out how to please you by cleaning up the clutter… is called neural suspension……ask mr google about it you will be amazed….more later….GA

  2. Gil, As always, your shooting tips are fantastic and i hope the G.R.I.T.S. gals realize how fortunate they are to get shooting tips from you and Vicki. You guys have been pioneers in the shooting sports and we are thrilled you want to contribute your wealth of knowledge and experience with them. You are a great supporter of this fun login’ group! Keep bring us more!

  3. good to see you in vegas……all remember that what you see is a brain thing not a visual thing….. what we see now when we shoot we could not see even as much as a year ago…..the more you do something the more the brain will eliminate any thing that is confusing or non essential to the task….it is there just like the dashboard on your car but unless you are about to run out of gas you are not aware of it unless you see a cop on the side of the road when you top a hill then your auto response will make you check your speed… your visual circle will continue to evolve and what you see when you shoot will continue to become clearer and easier to understand….in the thousands of shooters we have coached in our 50,000 hours of experience we each have we have learned that in the beginning there will be visual confusion and the more you practice your gun mount and do the 3 bullet drill the easier it becomes for your brain to interpret the visual data in a way that allows for better and better performance…..the other thing that is glaringly obvious is that those who learn how to move and mount the gun in the beginning have greater success sooner and learn at an accelerated rate compared to those who choose to try to shoot with a mounted gun…..what you see today will not be the same in 3 weeks….provided you do the drills….the thing that confuses us the most is why if you understand that you must be focused on only the target and the gun must be ahead of the target to hit it then you must have some sort of unconscious feel for where the gun is……why people don’t develop that unconscious awareness in the beginning by learning to move and mount the gun without looking at it continues to confuse us…..PMS Liz……your thoughts????….

    1. I am moving many of my students to low gun as quickly as possible and the results are great. Do these drills. Though not every target presentation on a course is suitable to low gun, most are and allows us to harness our innate ability and natural eye hand coordination! Love these drills!

  4. Most shooters do not realize that you NEVER LOOK DOWN THE BARREL OF A SHOTGUN WHEN SHOOTING A MOVING OBJECT WITH A AHOTGUN. With you eyes on the target and the fun ahead of the target you are actually looking at the target BEHIND THE BARREL! This drill is designed to show the brain what you want it to look like when the gun comes into the picture. What you see is not determined by the eyes but by how the brain interprets what the eyes send it and that can be changed, refined and improved through neural suspension provided the brain understands the difference between the confusion and what you want it to look like. The paradox is that it must be confused first to straighten the picture out. Shooting a shotgun at airing target is perhaps the most confusing thing visually one can attempt and at the same time after the confusion is cleaned up by the brain it can be the absolute most satisfying thing!! Will make a couple more videos for your fans. In fact we will work out a deal for your members to access the Knowledge Vault at a 25% discount for a year. Will call you later today. Ga

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