The real value of membership?

We have always believed that there should be value in everything.  I was raised to believe in the “Golden Rule” and life has certainly shown me that is important.  If you treat others the way you would want to be treated, then theoretically, it should come back to you some how.  We believe if people are paying to be part of an organization, they should reap, and sow, the benefits of membership.  We feel being a member of the GRITS will provide a value far greater than the price of its annual membership.  That value will be found not only financially from our wonderful industry partners, but in the friendships you will forge being a part of this GRITS organization.

The wonderful gun clubs and vendors that have signed on to promote the GRITS and encourage women to participate in the shotgun sports are offering so much value that the membership fee pays for itself in no time.  For example, purchasing one pair of favorite boots from one of our vendors saves you about 45 dollars, then I would say we are working toward money in the bank.

As women, we like nice things but we LOVE a good deal!  Are we correct?  Yes, there is financial value in joining the GRITS yes, but, more importantly, we will be the first to say there is not a price you can put on the fun and friendships you will make with this group of ladies!

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