The Game of 5 Stand

5 stand is one of the most common ‘side games’ you will find at a sporting clays club. Think of it the same way miniature golf compares to playing an 18 hole course, that 5 stand compared to shooting a sporting clays course. It’s a compact, faster  version of sporting clays. As a matter of fact, the international version of what we know as 5 stand, is called Compak Sporting, and is extremely popular in Europe where clubs don’t typically have as much space as we do here in North America. But back to the topic at hand……how do you shoot 5 stand.

5 stand can accommodate up to 5 shooters in one round. A ‘round’ of 5 stand is 25 birds per shooter. There will be 5 ‘stands’ or shooter positions, generally space a few feet apart, though sometimes they may be on different elevations, and each shooter will shoot a menu for a  total of 5 birds per stand, then move to the next station until they have completed all 5 stands. So if there is a shooter in each station, Stand 1 will shoot his first bird ( generally a single target ), then stand 2 will shoot his single, then stand 3, then 4, then 5. After that, its back to the shooter in stand 1, who will now shoot his first pair, then each station will follow. Then back down the line for everyone’s second pair. Sometimes the pairs are on report, sometimes they are true pairs. Every menu is different, and the angles from all the stands are different. It makes for a fast paced round of clays with a lot of variation!


5 Stand is a great ‘warm up’ before starting a round of sporting clays. It can also make a wonderful teaching field, and a fun social round. Many 5 stands will have a cover over the stands, creating a great place to still enjoy shooting on a day with bad weather. 5 stand is a great addition for any gun club, and can be one of the most fun things you do with a shotgun!



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