As I am sure many would agree, at least from Georgia up, THANK GOODNESS spring is here!  I know we are sick and tired of old man winter!  Last Saturday in Virginia, April 9th, we actually had snow while we were teaching.  Happy to say as I write this it is sunny and 76…..Almost a country song!

Please be sure to check the events calendar ofter.  We are adding lots of fun things to do there and welcome participation from all!

For all those who have recently joined, your new member packets went out today!

Anyone interested in leading a chapter please contact us and we will get you started!  We want you to know you are welcome at any GRITS shoot as a guest a few times and as a member, welcome to all chapters!

Thanks for the support and cheers for GRITS everywhere!

PS.  Shooting Sportsman asked us to write an article about guns for women.  It is published in the May/June issue if you need some guidance in fitting and buying the right gun for you!