Shooting tips and helpful information.

In an effort to bring you the best in shooting tips and helpful hints, we will be sponsoring videos from folks like Gil and Vicki Ash of OSP Shooting School, videos from our new Ready…PULL Fitness Gun-ru Brooke Martin Ireland and just good old fashioned fun coaching in our membership area.

Also, we are in the process of finally getting the membership packages ready to send out after two tries at lapel pins so look for those in you mailbox late next week.  Whoop whoop!!

Last but not least, we are introducing our Advisory Council to you a few folks at a time.   This is an outstanding group of people who all lend a great deal of talent and experience to the growth of the G.R.I.T.S.

Advisory Council

I am in Las Vegas for the Safari Club Show and looking forward to seeing all that is out there an available.

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