PMS……got your attention?

Before we can think about pre-shot routines, the “in-shot” routine and the ever important follow through, let’s talk about PMS.  We have all suffered from it at one time or another:  Poorly Mounted Shotguns!  (Get it, PMS?  LOL)

What is the remedy for this syndrome?  Practice mounting  your shotgun, A LOT.  You can do this at home, in front of a mirror or in any room of your house.  To use the mirror, focus on your dominate eye in the reflection.  Using both hands in unison, move the hand on the fore-end slightly forward toward the eye while the back hand is bringing the gun to the face, specifically the upper gum line, then to the shoulder last.

You can also perfect your gun mount using a flashlight or a special laser light in the barrel of the shotgun.  Practice mounting to a room corner where the ceiling meets the wall and, keeping your eye on the light, follow the the line from right to left or left to right, keeping your eye focused on the light and the light on the line.  Errors are “illuminated” and you will really see your gun mount slow down, smooth out and become more consistent.

With lots of practice, the result will be PMS we can live with – Perfectly Mounted Shotguns. 😉

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  1. Any ideas on where to find a flashlight that will mount on the barrel that way? I’ve been doing the mouting the barrel in the mirror, but I feel I want to aim at something. The flashlight exercise sounds like a good one.

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