Nashville GRITS Party plans!!

Oh yes, we love it when a plan comes together!  The crew coming from Richmond Virginia are rolling into Nashville on March 26th, touring and honkie tonkin’ on Friday and planning on being at the Nashville Gun Club most of the day on Saturday, March 28th! We are so excited to meet you all, shoot and celebrate a new group!  These are fantastic women who will become your dear friends and kindred spirits!  Stay tuned…….check here on the web site under events this weekend and on and also on the Nashville Gun Club web site starting next week…….


7 Replies to “Nashville GRITS Party plans!!”

  1. Glad to join GRITS. Won’t be able to join you in Nashville on March 28th. I will be shooting in a skeet tournament that weekend in Ft. Campbell, KY but look forward to being at other GRITS meetings in Nashville.

  2. Come on over to Nashville GRITS group on facebook and stay up to date with all the great news to come from our new chapter. It’s a closed group so just send your request and I’ll get you on board. Wish you could be there but we will see you next month. Good luck and pass the word at your tourney. Welcome!

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