More than Shotgun Tips and Tactics..

There is more to great shooting and shooting fun than simply reading shotgun tips and tactics here and there and we want to share it all with you as G.R.I.T.S. members.

It is my belief that as women, we need to nurture each other in health and wellness through many venues, not just out on the shooting course.   We feel health and wellness tips and tactics for our fitness and well being are a natural and perfect balance when coupled with Marsha Petrie Sue’s Motivational Moments.  The G.R.I.T.S. are adding more than just shooting tips to our line up here!

We had a great gal onboard to do this but she had a family obligation come up so we have another fitness friend who will share great stuff with us!  Get some shell boxes and start doing some curls!  Get out your guns and practice your gun mounts and keep that upper body strength in the winter months…..maybe I should be the fitness guru??!!  NOT……


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