GRITS Mission Statement

The GRITS are an amazing group of women from all walks of life who have at least one thing in common- a passion for shooting sports.  Our membership is diverse.  We range from younger gals to ladies, mothers and grandmother’s, cool chicks and crack shots, complete novices and pretty much everyone in between. We are women who are all empowered by membership in a club that promotes the shotgun sports and yet is tightly bound by friendships, support and camaraderie. We could not ever aptly describe the shooting fun with these women, it must be experienced!    Each chapter hosts a safe and encouraging place for beginners to learn as well as a more challenging environment for experienced shooters.  If any of the above sounds intriguing, WE WANT YOU!  Other than the obvious, that is being a woman, smiles, good cheer and fun loving are the only requirements to join.   Ready, PULL.