Lens Color vs. Leaf Color

Fall is here, finally!  Cooler temperatures, beautiful crisp days and evening fire pits are getting stoked up!  It is also a wonderful time of year to really get out and enjoy shooting! Not only clay shooting but the wing shooting season is in full swing.  Walking through the woods or standing in open fields for either quarry is a fabulous feeling!

Fall brings a big change in the background colors as the leaves begin to change from green to their glorious fall show of reds, oranges, almost purples and a lot in between.  These beautiful backgrounds sometimes make seeing your flying targets a little more difficult! Here is where shooting specific glasses come into play and we reached out to eye expert Dr. Richard Colo for his input on this subject.  Here is what he had to say:

“Simply put, good shooting glasses need to provide the proper balance of contrast and clarity. It is important to remember that we need to let in as might light as possible for our eyes to see well.  The color of the lenses varies and many colors are offered. How our eyes see color is very individual but here are some general suggestions for this time of year. While in a greener environment, purple lenses do an excellent job “dumbing” down the green and making the orange targets show up better.   Headed into fall, you will find the copper colors do an excellent job enhancing the contrast of fall colors without losing the clarity, thus helping you see your targets better through the strobing colors of fall.”

It is never a bad idea to visit a dealer and just ask if you can walk outside and hold up different color lenses to your eye and see how your eyes personally register colors through a variety of options.  If you wear prescription lenses, you can simply hold color options in front of your glasses. Most shooting glasses are offered in both prescription and non-prescription.

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