Keyword: RELAX

Seriously, just RELAX when shooting.

Take a deep breath and exhale!  This is soooo important both as a beginner at a first lesson and equally so for the well honed shooter and everyone in between!  Do we always remember to do this? Of course not! Those of us who have been shooting quite a while know this but sometimes it is still hard to do. To just relax, exhale and feel the tension leave our hands and shoulders.

For new shooters, it is even harder to do. I understand this feeling completely. There are so many things to think about and learn.  Safety, break points, foot position, hold points, head on the gun, look at the target, etc.  Good instructors will take you through that process with ease when you put less pressure on yourself to perform.  

Remember that each step in the learning curve, especially for beginners, is a progression toward learning to shoot better.  Try to RELAX!  By doing so, and with good instruction, you will learn faster, improve quickly and overall, enjoy the whole shooting experience more.  Give yourself time to learn just as more experienced shooters need to allow themselves time to get even better.  

Remember what? That’s right, RELAX…first and foremost, this is for fun!

Next week:  Gun Mounts

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