Just Focus!


I find the times I ‘get into my head’ when I am shooting, I tend to miss the target. It is when I have done my pre shot routine (determining where on the bird I am going to focus), take a deep breath, let go and call pull with laser focus on that predetermined spot, I break the clay.

When we spend our time trying to measure, judge and in our heads we tend to look at the gun barrel. And when you focus on the barrel you are going to miss the bird. And if you look at the bead to check the gap, in that nano second your gun slows down and you miss behind.

Shooting is like playing a sport. You don’t focus on the bat when you swing at a baseball and you don’t look at the racket when playing tennis. You focus on what you are trying to ‘hit.’ Your brain will tell your hands how to move the gun to the ‘bird.’

What do you think?

Shoot ‘em up!

Linda Henson

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