Happy New Year!

I was 50 before I picked up a shotgun. As a kid I went hunting once with a .22 and shot pistols a couple of times but was never really around them growing up. And where I am from, not that many woman shoot.

When a friend asked me to go skeet shooting, I agreed. After breaking my first clay I was hooked. Fast forward a couple months and I shot my first sporting clays event…. Now THAT was exciting and I have now been shooting 14 years (and plan on continuing until I can no longer shoot.)

Why am I telling you this? Because I think all woman would enjoy our sport. We just need to get the stigma associated with shooting to change. I think GRITS is a great forum to show woman how much fun we can have (safely) with a shotgun.

Let’s see how many woman we can get to be GRITS…. The fun is just beginning!

Shoot ‘em up!

Linda Henson

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