Gun Explanation!

shotgun explanation

How many of you have wondered what all the parts of a gun are called? This picture gives a great explanation of all the parts on an over and under shotgun and the shell.

I did notice that the drawing did not point out the ‘butt’ of the gun where the recoil is absorbed. Recoil seems to be the biggest issue with woman shooters. In the beginning, we are all afraid that it will ‘hurt when we shoot the gun’.

If you don’t have a gun that fits properly and you don’t hold it in the ‘pocket’ it is going to hurt. But with good instruction, you will not have that issue.

Sometimes if you shoot shells that are too heavy of a load for you, that can hurt too. And then if you are someone like me, who has a pacemaker, you need to make sure that there isn’t too much recoil for health- safety purposes.

All of the parts on the gun are important to know. Take time to know your gun!

Shoot ‘em up!

Linda Henson

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