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December has been an insane month for me and all the excitement of the GRITS web site has us hoping in every direction.  We had several trips to follow through on and now, as we move forward, the GRITS organization has some very exciting growth opportunities ahead.  We have several women who are about to launch chapters in states such as Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina and as far north as New York.  Forming Chapters is hard work but so rewarding and as you watch women become involved in this sport, it fuels your fire. I have witnessed so many women come into their own learning to shoot and becoming active shooters and seen them fall in love completely with this sport.  Though competition is good, the GRITS organization is focused on the fun side of the sport.  Recreational shooting for fellowship and fun.  We say Shootin’ & Hootin’, which we are copywriting it works so well for the GRITS.

Thank you for your support and we are about to come alive here on the GRITS go Bang site.  The more folks who join us, the more discounts we will be able to provide to members.  GRITS merchandise will be available to all but a significant discount to GRITS members.  We will also have member only items.

We will be sending emails with updates and Chapter info as it happens so please be sure to sign up to receive emails if you are not already a member of the GRITS (if you are a member of the GRITS, you will automatically receive the emails). Again, there is a membership section and a separate email only area for those who are not paid members but would like to receive email updates.

We wish all GRITS and their families a wonderful holiday season!


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