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 Chapter Leaders: Michele Regensburger

Michele Regensburger is the co-chairperson of the newly formed Rhode Island G.R.I.T.S. chapter.  She has been active in the Hudson Valley New York chapter for the last three years and shares her time and energies with both organizations.

Michele shot and broke her first target on the trap field at Hartford Gun Club in the fall of 1997, after she returned home from work and found a shotgun waiting for her on the kitchen table.  This was the beginning of her lifelong adventure in breaking clays – albeit with a slow start.  Michele recalls that initially, she could only shoot five shots without resting as the gun was ‘So darn heavy! and there were issues with gun fit and her eye dominance.  She now quietly exclaims that two hundred or more targets per day is no problem whatsoever and that the visual issues were overcome by practice and a proper fitting gun.  After fourteen years of trap, Michele turned her attention to sporting clays and another world opened up.  Michele explains that she loves the ‘relaxed pace, walking the course, solving various target presentations and the great folks that you meet’ and her affiliation with G.R.I.T.S. has amplified the fun and camaraderie that is infectious when the ladies gather together.

Michele is a student of the sport as well as a participant and has always held that ‘shooting is for fun, continuous learning and enjoyment – not a job’.  She credits her relaxed and efficient style to well-planned practice and great coaching over the years from world-class instructors such as Paula Moore, Phil Kiner, Nora Martin-Ross, Keith Lupton and Chris McClellan – and her husband, Bruce – a talented shooter and patient instructor.   Michele also credits the great folks at Wening Custom Gunstocks for creating perfect fitting stocks.

Michele retired early from the medical profession as an X-Ray Technician, Phlebotomist, Pulmonary Medical Assistant and clinical practice manager.  She resides in Marion, Connecticut with her husband, two insane cats, a cuddly dog (known to many friends as ‘her self-propelled rug’) and an arsenal of shotguns and sewing machines to support her clay shooting and needle-craft and quilting.  Michele also enjoys creative cooking, photography, travel, gardening and time with her family.

Cindy Roberge

Cindy resides in Burlington, CT with her husband Dan and two sons, Mitch and Thomas ( Also sporting clay shooters) She has a long list of interest and enjoys trying new things all the time, which is how she became involved in sporting clays.

She tried skeet and trap in 2015, and was introduced to sporting clays in 2016 and was hooked.

Shooting sporting clays with the GRITS and as a sport has been a great opportunity to meet so many fantastic people, which is one of her favorite things about shooting.

Cindy will be moving to Newport, RI in the near future, and wanted to continue the camaraderie with the GRITS gals, which is why she started the Rhode Island GRITS chapter.

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