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Deborah McKown

Deborah McKown is the editor of, a free online publication dedicated to the best of wing and clays shooting.
A NSCA and NRA certified shotgun instructor, I most enjoy introducing women and youngsters to the joys of the clays shooting sports. When I first started shotgunning, in Maryland in 2002, I shot with men because I knew of no other women shooters, and gradually competed in local skeet tournaments. When I started shooting in social groups – with couples, or women’s groups – I discovered the great fun of a day out shooting sporting clays in a relaxed, non-competitive environment and there was no turning back. My husband and I started in 2008 to fill in some of the gaps for new shooters. We now provide all the basics, as well as news, that we hope will provide information to shooters of all levels – information that wasn’t readily available to new shooters. At that time there was very little information available to women shooters who we correctly predicted would become a force in the shotgun sports. I live in Thomasville, Georgia – home of the best traditional, plantation quail hunting in the world.


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