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Sharon Orgeron McCreery

Sharon Orgeron McCreery is a native Texan but considers Mississippi home after spending the last 23 years in the Jackson area. Sharon is married to Mark J. McCreery and they have a daughter Madison, who attends Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC.  As an empty nester, Sharon enjoys her time being outdoors and participating in a variety of activities – golf, gardening, and sporting clays.  Sporting clays is a recent discovery and Sharon was introduced to the sport in 2014 at the farm where her daughter was boarding and training her hunter jumper horse.  Providence Hill Farm had recently opened a sporting club with world class shooting ranges and access to professional coaching and instruction.  While Madison was taking riding lessons, Sharon decided to step in the shooting stand to slay her first clay and was addicted at the first break.  After joining the club and participating in several shooting clinics, Sharon noticed a low turnout of ladies partaking in the shooting and social club events.  So, in 2017 she organized the Providence Hill Farm Women’s shooting club and has grown attendance and enthusiasm for the shooting sport and the love of being outdoors for the female membership.  Sharon is excited to introduce to ladies across Mississippi the GRITS mission and membership statement of promoting shotgun sports with the passion of friendship, support and camaraderie.

Jenni Sullivan O’Quinn

Jenni and her husband are natives of Chattanooga, TN but have called MS home since 1996. She is CPA and a CFP® and is enjoying owning her own firm after practicing in larger firms and in industry for more than 25 years.

Jenni was introduced to the shooting sports thanks to a friend who took her hunting in 2015. In January of the next year, she accompanied another friend to a pistol class out of curiosity. These experiences and friends sparked a passion for the shooting sports. She has taken multiple pistol training courses, holds pistol instructor certifications from USCCA and The Well Armed Woman (TWAW), is an NRA Range Safety Officer and co-leads a chapter of The Well Armed Woman.

She has had the opportunity to work on her shotgun skills under some talented instructors thanks to her membership in Providence Hill Sporting Club. She shoots sporting clays as often as possible and continues to be excited to experience new hunting adventures.

Kim Condon

Kim Condon figured out later in life what she wanted to be when she grew up.  A successful business woman who can multitask family while operating two businesses.  She, along with her husband Mark, are the founders and owners of Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™, located in Raymond Mississippi.  Kim is also the founder and owner-operator of Skincare Studio in Clinton Mississippi.

Kim is ultimately an educator.  She’s a Certified Esthetician as well as a Certified  USCCA/NRA/T.W.A.W. Firearms Instructor. She educates her skincare clientele about their skincare needs. She also educates those interested in becoming a responsible gun owner how to do so safely and effectively.

Kim is married to Mark. They have two children and five grandchildren.  She is passionate about life, her family and her freedoms to protect them.

Kim is real. Kim is relatable. Kim leads by example and she never meets a stranger.

Kim is a Proud American Gun Toten’ Mimi!

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