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Lisa Roberge

Lisa Roberge has been a GRITS member since August 2015. She had been shooting trap and skeet for a couple years then discovered sporting clays and it was love at first break! After shooting with her husband and his friends for a while, she was looking for a group of women to shoot with. A google search leads her to the GRITS website and she joined on the spot then connected with the Hudson Valley NY Chapter. This chapter primarily shoots out of Orvis Sandanona in Millbrook, NY. Soon after joining, Lisa volunteered to help coordinate the chapter shoots. Over the past two years, the chapter has had the opportunity to shoot several private and public courses in NY and Connecticut including Mid Hudson Sporting Clays, Fairfield County Fish & Game, Saint Hubert’s Lodge, Tamarack Preserve and Bristol Fish & Game. The chapter has grown steadily with shooters of all levels in attendance.

Although Lisa has been involved in shooting sports for only a few years, her passion developed quickly. In 2016, Lisa became an NRA certified pistol instructor and plans to become a certified shotgun instructor soon. Her primary focus is introducing women to shooting and personal protection.

Lisa’s “day job” is the owner of embroidery a2z, a custom embroidery and screen print shop in Plainville, CT. a2z has been around since 2005 and specializes in producing team apparel for local schools, colleges, sports teams and special events. One of the services available from a2z is custom apparel web stores. New items will be added regularly. Here’s the link to the online store:

What’s her favorite thing about GRITS? “I love seeing the smiling faces of GRITS gals when they crush targets on the course and then listening to all the lively chatter at lunch after we come in from shooting. I’m so very proud to be a part of a group of like-minded women.”

Barbara R. Carlson

I started my career right out of High School, working for General Electric Credit Corporation in the accounting dept. After starting a family and becoming a full-time mom I worked a few part-time jobs, including a bank teller for several years.

Over the years I have taught piano lessons, Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, CCD, created a cashier training classes at a Supermarket chain store, and front end assistant manager in charge of cashiers and service clerks.
After having two sons and my boys joining the Scouting program, I jumped in with both feet as a volunteer with the program and held many volunteer leadership positions in the Scouting program. Before long I was approached for a job at the local Boy Scouts of America Council Office and then became an employee of the Boy Scouts of America. (My sons were now young teenagers). I started as a Field Secretary and worked my way up through the years as Bookkeeper/Registrar/Office Manager for a 2nd Boy Scouts Council Office that asked me to transfer. In total years I worked for the Boy Scouts of America for 17 years. I retired in 2012 and married the love of my life the 2nd time around.

After meeting the love of my life, I became enthralled with his hunting ethics, and wanted to see what it was all about that took up a lot of his time. In order for me to take part in his fun, he encouraged me to take a safe gun handling course.

I started an interest in shooting/hunting in 1999 when I took the Hunter Safety Education Course from the then DEP. I received my Hunter Safety Credentials and applied for my first hunting license. Now to find a shotgun. We finally found a Remington 870 youth model turkey gun. I now needed to see why someone would want to get up in the dark time hours of the morning to go travel to the “turkey woods” and get set up before sun up!!! Well, the first morning of my adventure I overslept and as they say “you snooze you lose.” Well, you can sure bet the next morning we went I was ready. I was marched up mountains, around mountains, down mountains all in the dark carrying my gun trying to find and hear birds gobbling and set up somewhere. As I later learned this was a ploy to try and have me give up. I didn’t give up I went again, and again. And later was decided that I might as well be his hunting partner. I have hunted/shot turkey deer, pheasant, grouse, woodcock, chucker, quail, mallard ducks, and wild hog.

My involvement in Sporting Clays has been since 1999 began as casually shooting skeet, then Sporting Clays, We joined the Order of the Edwardian Gunners, Travelers, GRITS (girls really into shooting), and became a National Sporting Clays Association certified Sporting Clays Instructor and NRA Shotgun Instructor.

My passion is now promoting more women into shooting sports and not necessarily hunting. The feeling you get when a new women shooter handles a shotgun for the first time and breaks a clay target is thrilling.
Firearms I have handled are; shotguns, rifles, and handguns. d

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