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Tara Lane

Tara Lane grew up no stranger to the outdoors riding and showing Hunter/Jumpers and foxhunting in Virginia and ended up in Georgia when two sorority sisters drove up to her parents’ house after graduation and said, “Get in.  We’re moving to Atlanta.”  She’s now Director of Business Development for a geotechnical engineering firm and when people ask if she’s an engineer she replies with, “No.  I just play one on TV.”  Speaking of television, she spent a few years in Los Angeles doing standup comedy and booked a national TV commercial whereby she played a terrified housewife whose house caught on fire for Brinks Home Security.  You can save yourself the Google search and see this Academy Award winning performance here:

See Tara in the Brinks Home Security Ad

Her first experience shooting real guns was at the age of nine when her father would stand behind her and hold her shoulders so she wouldn’t fall over to shoot his antique .44 Walker Dragoon Black Powder revolver.  Tara started to shoot sporting clays a few years ago when her employer encouraged her to do so to build client relationships and she competes in her industry’s tournaments.  She started a business networking clay group for women in commercial real estate, architecture, engineering and construction to teach them the basic skills so they can participate in the industry clay shoots as well as have the same opportunities as their male Business Development counterparts to take their clients out shooting, too.  Tara’s home course is Garland Mountain just outside of Atlanta and she has taken lessons with Casey Atkinson, Luke Deshotels, Johan Guilliams, Chang Ma and Dimas Nunez.  In addition to shooting she enjoys hunting upland game and wild boar, trout fishing with her camper in tow and jet skiing.  She is happily divorced and lives with two half Maine Coon kittens who are essentially like ninja toddlers.  Her proudest accomplishments are a toss-up between remembering the station key card or beating two twenty-year-old guys from Tijuana at a ghost pepper eating contest.

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