Getting Ready to Roll out the G.R.I.T.S.

The goodie bag has a G.R.I.T.S. sticker, a silicone gun sock, a lapel pin, ear plugs in a case, and lens cleaner, all in a great little package.

So for the past 3 months, my fabulous web guy John Glynn (owner of Leadmine Pond Web Design) and I have worked ourselves to death getting this GRITSgoBang site up and running.  Behind the simplistic front is a web site control room that rivals NASA I think….or at least in my non-technological brian.  So I owe John a world of thanks for his patience, support and ability to navigate and take care of this site.  It takes me an hour just to figure out where to even begin to write this blog, but I did!!  There is hope!  Yeah, whoop, whoop for me!!

So all day today I have spent coordinating women’s planning for a few trips coming up, picking up and shipping G.R.I.T.S. gun club signage and also getting the last item for our member “goodie bags”, which of course, came in wrong.  Lapel pins with the wrong backing.  Now I have debated just sending the wrong ones but I have decided to wait another week and send you the ones I want you to have.  Yes, I am picky.

So to show you can expect in your member gift bag, and so you can identify a G.R.I.T.S. approved vendor or Gun Club, here is what you will find:


Gun Clubs will receive a plaque for the wall and a large sticker for their door.  You will know who is G.R.I.T.S. friendly very easily.  Store fronts that are G.R.I.T.S. approved will have these as well.


I am off to bed now.  Can’t wait for this upcoming year!

20 Replies to “Getting Ready to Roll out the G.R.I.T.S.”

  1. Elizabeth, we appreciate all your hard work for this fun loving, shotgun toting, social extraordinaire group of ladies! Calibered Events is proud to partner with the GRITS – So looking forward to 2015!

    1. Elizabeth, Congratulations on getting your blog up. My experience with the GRITS has been a truly fun loving experience with an extraordinaire group of ladies and you as my teacher and friend have been a most positive addition to my life. Until I had my first lesson with you, I had been taught by men who most likely had never had a lesson themselves. From my lessons with you, I have built confidence in shooting and I get so damn excited when I hit one of those clay pigeons! It is the best feeling! Liz, I wish you the best and I encourage any lady out there who would like to learn to shoot to join the GRITS and learn by the best teacher in the USA and maybe even the world! Good luck Liz !

  2. Really looking forward to the new year with the launch of the gritsgobang! Wonderful events coming up with a great group of women!
    Thank you Elizabeth for creating this and also for hard work AND excitement you have put into the organization!
    It’s going to be a awesome site and year!
    Lets go girls!

  3. happy for you and your beginning we will do anything and everything to help you in your new successes… lemeno what you want us to do to help Grits succeed…..we believe in your effort and will support you and all Grits members….will we see you at Dallas or just in Las Vegas…lemeno….GA

  4. Elizabeth,
    You are the best! Thank you for all your hard work to make GRITS a truly worthwhile shooting club. I can’t wait for the next time I can join you and the GRITS for another fabulous shooting event!

  5. Hi Liz,

    Everything on the site looks great!! Everything you do is first class, and I know this new venture will be more of the same. Hope to be able to join in more GRITS events in the future. Am having some trouble with getting my membership activated, but I am sure will be resolved shortly.

    Continued success and we are all “PULL”ing for you!!


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