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      …traveling to the shoot is as much fun as the shooting.
      …your guns are worth more than your car.
      …the term choke isn’t limited to the loved ones in your life.
      …you make vehicle purchase decisions based on how many guns and ammo will fit in the back.
      …you still have your earplugs in when you go to bed.
      …you paid more for your Dubarry’s than your man paid for his last suit.
      …”vested” has nothing to do with money.
      …you smell like barrel smoke -and you like it.
      …you put a picture with a shotgun in the church directory.
      …when he asks for a quickie you take him to the short course.
      …fire in the hole means you’ve been into the Fireball.
      …pump,action,side by side and over/under have nothing to do with sex.
      …your comb and your butt aren’t about grooming.
      …Cabela’s sends you a Christmas card.
      …you can hit the road, expect the unexpected and persevere – with wine, of course, and it will be alright.
      …you laugh a lot.

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      I would agree! ; )

      Nothing like shooting a gun.

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