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      Hi, ladies (and Gil!)! Just wondering if we have any turkey hunters in the group.

      I was a virgin turkey hunter last year and am now hooked! The first time out was the week after opening day. It was frigid and the toms just weren’t interested in the ladies that cold morning. I went a week later and got a shot off but missed about a foot to the right (still kicking myself!). The third time, I had a great shot at TWO large toms, but dang it, a coyote strolled across the field and scared them off. I stalked those toms for the next three hours, even across a small river. Sadly, those guys were just far enough away that I couldn’t get them.

      I’m so excited to go next month!! Spring gobbler opens April 11 and I’ll be out there with my new Benelli Vinci turkey gun. Gobble Gobble!

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      I’m an avid turkey hunter, Can’t Wait!!!!!! If any of you haven’t been, you’re missing a hunt of a lifetime. Also, The Women In The Outdoors is featuring a Spring Turkey hunt April 25th. right at your back door. There will only be 6 women drawn for this hunt. If anyone is interested please let me know ASAP. You must be a member of WITO which is only $35.00. Well worth it. Happy Hunting!

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      Will there be GRITS turkey/duck/goose hunt in the future??? that will be awesome!!

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      Donna, do you mind sending me info on the women’s turkey hunt with WITO? I am definitely interested.

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      I thought this post on the Beretta site might get all the turkey shooting GRITS pumped up:


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      Im in Texas, but would love to be included on a turkey hunt in the future! Please put me down!

      Jana Goode

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