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      Elizabeth Lanier

      Ladies, just a few thoughts about some different over and unders. I think I have shot many on the market. Just like great shoes, they come in a variety of sizes and all fit a little different. Some hurt after you wear them too long but if they fit correctly, they do just fine. Guns are the same way. Recently I gave the Blaser Ladies Gun a trial run. It was a nice gun with several adjustable features standard. You could adjust the Length of Pull. the height at the comb, the placement of the eye down the rib and the butt angle. With a wedge, the pitch could be quickly adjusted as well. I liked the gun. Soon I will be trying the Krieghoff Parcours. Have shot one several times, they are great guns, well worth the investment. I also recently spent the day shooting a Perazzi with 34″ barrels and was surprised how well I shot it since it was twice the side of me!

      Now, all the guns I have mentioned shooting here are high end guns that can often be found gently used for great prices as well.

      I also love shooting my Browning, a “go to” gun for sure and shoot it a lot!! I have shot the Ceasar Guerini’s, and Beretta’s. All good guns. I strongly reccoment trying several guns, and gauges, before purchasing one. Many, many women can shoot 12 gauges though their first thought is how heavy they are. Not really. When you are just trying them and holding them in a gun shop, yes, they feel that way, when you are actually using it, nope. You will be surprised how easy they are to shoot as well!

      Enough for now. Let me know your experiences or thoughts on particular guns. I think it helps others choose guns.

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