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      Marc Redmond

      (1) THE GOLDEN RULE – Please treat all members with Respect and Courtesy.
      (2) ON TOPIC – Keep your topics and replies relevant to the subject at hand. If it seems off topic then consider adding another topic so the conversation can head in that direction.
      (3) LOOK FIRST – Browse existing topics first to make sure your question has not already been answered.
      (4) HELP OTHERS – If you know the answer to a question feel free to chime in, we’re all in this together
      (5) HAVE FUN
      (6) KEEP IT LEGAL – With all forums we are held responsible for all posts so please beware and think before you post.
      (7) TROUBLED WATERS – If something in the forum is bothering you please let us know,, we will look into it right away.
      (8) CHECK AGAIN – We will update these rules as time passes and the nature of these forum begins to take shape.
      (9) HAVE FUN – Did we mention that one already? 

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