Tennessee Valley GRITS Monthly Shoot

Please join us this Saturday, October 16 at 9AM for our monthly shoot at Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays.  We meet at the pavilion.  Limestone Hunting Preserve and Sporting Clays is located at 28755 Coggins Road, Ardmore Alabama 35739.  If you have questions please do not hesitate to call me at 256-426-1205 or 256-417-4870.

You can purchase targets and ammunition at ScoreChaser.com and go to the tournaments section and you will see the event Tennessee Valley GRITS.

Range Bags:  What’s in yours???

Certainly, we might be dating ourselves here but who remembers the game show “Let’s Make a Deal?”  The one where Monty Hall would give you $50 bucks if you had something in your possession like a Q-tip, or a band-aid, or chapstick or even a screwdriver?  Folks would frantically dig and the first person to whip that item out got the $50 bucks? Well, I could have won on any of those items if I had my shooting/range bag along with me!  Yup, sure could have! Which brings us to the question of what’s in your range bag?

Just a quick look in mine would probably reveal the following, and in alphabetical order just for fun:

Bug Spray (in season)


Choke Tubes (if used)

Choke Tube Wrench (if necessary)

Ear Plugs

First Aid Kit



Lens Wipes



Pocket Knife / Leatherman Tool

Reading Glasses


Shell Pouch (or vest)

Shooting Glasses

Shooting Gloves


And yes, there is probably a stray earring in the bottom somewhere……..And no, I did not forget about Shotgun Shells but I carry those by the case so they are not in the bag, but I guess some folks are more conservative and they could fit in your bag!  

As an instructor, I have a few extras like:

Allen Wrenches (for comb adjustments)

Beartooth Recoil Pad Kit

Mole Skin



I am sure there are things we all consider necessities but I carry a big bag and try to be prepared for anything!  Except sewing, I am drawing the line there, no sewing kit but Monty Hall would probably pay someone $50 bucks for that one!  

Tip of the Month – June 2018

Stepping Into the Box

When I get to a station, the first thing I do is take in the background in front of me. I want to remember landmarks-things in the background to help remember key items like hold points and target lines. Next, I gather information about the targets. Where are they coming from and where are they going-sometimes you can see the traps, sometimes they are hidden. Also what type of target is it? Rabbits, standards, midi’s, battue’s, etc are all standard fare. Then, is the pair on report, or a true pair? If on report which target is first? If a ‘simo pair’ is it obvious which one will be engaged first?

I want as much data about this station as I can get BEFORE I view the birds. That way I can make the most of my valuable view birds. This allows the shooter to gather as much information as possible during the show birds. Now I need to establish the kill zone (for both birds), the visual details of the bird (both of them),  visual pick up area (for both birds), target lines and hold points. In THAT order.

This seems like a lot to do, but if you follow this same plan making procedure every time, and it will become second nature before you know it!

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