40 Proof

Well, it is not a requirement, but having a tasty, post-shooting libation is a frequent ceremony in GRITS culture. Elizabeth brought Bird Dog bourbon to my tastebuds and I don’t know if I should thank her, happily trot down the yellow brick road to Betty Ford or make an effort to increase my tolerance to better metabolize the Bird Dog. (Wo) Man! That stuff is divine, especially the maple flavor. Mental note: buy stock in Bird Dog.

On another GRITS experience, Debbie Clay introduced me to her buttery nipples. Wait, she shared her buttery nipples. Wait, we toasted her buttery nipples. You get the point.Debbie’s buttery nipples ROCK.

Champagne is always a welcomed addition to any party. Since we like to whoop and toast each other’s greatness after a sweet day shooting, champers is perfect. Dom? Veuve? Tats? Moet? Which do you prefer? I tend to be a “buy by the case” kinda gal so I like researching value bubbles. No, I am not implying the instant headache kind. Sheesh, a GRIT has standards, ya know. I like Hillinger in the summer for a little dry, rose goodness and Willam every other day of the year.

What do you like to drink? Share with us. A recipe, a kind of bubbles, a trick or nifty hint, a hangover remedy? Do tell.

Now, fortheloveofgod…HYDRATE!!

And FYI, no we are not alcoholics, but love to celebrate the day for sure!