Aiming for Perfection?

aiming for perfectionAs women, we try to make everything perfect. Thus, once we finally have learned to focus on the target, we shoot trying not to miss it vs. shooting to hit it. In other words, we have a tendency to want to look at the gun to be sure it is lined up with the target. Or we go to the target, gently pull away and then check to see if we are far enough ahead. Oopsie. Though you have not consciously looked at the gun, you have taken your eyes from the target to see the gap/lead between the gun and the target. In that nanosecond you are checking the gap/lead, the gun slows/stops and the target is gone. In trying not to miss, you do.


That’s why you should incorporate your peripheral vision. If your head is on the stock and you are looking at the target, the gun is there with you. Keeping your eye on the front of target, let your leading hand, the hand on the for-end, point at the target and when you have focused on a detail on the target, gently pull away, letting your subconscious pull the trigger. You will know the gun is ahead of the target because you are aware of where it is in your peripheral vision. Think…on it, ahead, bang! Keep your eyes on the target, gently move ahead, trust it and trigger it! Remember, shooting is a pointing game, not an aiming game. Relax, focus, trust it and shoot for fun, not perfection. You will love what you get in return.

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