Adding your picture to your profile!

Ladies, you may add your picture to your profile so we can, at a glance, see who is chatting it up!  They are called GRAVATARS and it is fairly simple to create one and they come in quite handy.  Whitney recently had a conversation with my web guy, technical guru and just an all around fantastic guy, John Glynn.  Use their conversation to learn how to do it and show us your pretty smiling face!

Read how to add your face here: GRAVATAR discussion



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  1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I will say it took a little trial and error. I think I started with pictures that were too large, so I just resized them in Aperture. It worked when I used a smaller file size. I do like that you have several pictures stored and change them out as you like. Oh, one other thing to remember. You have to create your Gravatar profile with the same email address you use for this site. I have so many email addys that I forgot which one I used at first so I have two Gravatar accounts.

  2. not having any luck in adding a Gravatar – the link to the conversation between Whitney and the web guru doesn’t work – any direction would be helpful!

    1. Jenifer, look at GRITS Website Tips and Help under Forums. You need to go to the GRAVATAR web site and create an account. With GRAVATAR, you must use the sign in info you used on the GRITSgoBang site to add your picture. Try that. I think it will work and if not, maybe Whitney will chime in here.

  3. Hi, Jennifer. Go to
    At the top right of the page, click sign in. On the next page, go to “Create an Account” (it’s in light blue text under Sign In).
    On the following page, be sure to enter the email address that you use for this site. If you forgot which one you used (as I did!), you can go to the My Account link at the top of this page and it will show you.
    Back on the Gravatar site, type in your email address and password (the username field is filled in automatically).
    You’ll then need to go to your email account to activate the Gravatar account.
    Once you’ve followed the link from the activation email, click the sign in button on that page. You should automatically be signed in now.
    Okay, now you can finally add your picture! About half way down the page, you’ll see “Whoops, looks like you don’t have any images yet! Add one by clicking here!” Click that link.
    The next page will give you options for where you import your picture. I selected from my computer’s hard drive. On the following page, browse for your picture on your HD and click “Next”.
    The next page will have a crop feature that you can use if you want.
    When your picture’s all pretty, click “Crop and Finish!”.
    You should now be all set.
    Hope this helps and that you’re able to get it to work. 🙂

  4. I think I went through all the process successfully but when I finished, there was no way to tell. There is no way to tell if my photo is attached to my profile.

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