A Gun That Fits

How many times have you worn a pair of shoes that looked great but after an hour you were sorry you ever bought them?  Or a pair of earrings that were way too heavy?  Or a pair of jeans that just didn’t feel right?  I can sum it up for you in two words…size matters!  We can say it doesn’t but it really does!  Such is the case in finding a great fitting shotgun straight off the shelf!  The length of pull is probably going to be too long, the pitch might need to be adjusted, and the drop at comb is likely to be too low. Of course, the weight of the gun is an important consideration though when just mounting and trying a gun in the store, they seem much heavier than when you are actually shooting them. Many times guns are manufactured for the right-handed shooter with a palm swell and a slight cast off.  Ah, but there is good news ladies!! There are many options and solutions out there.  When purchasing a shotgun, especially a first one, consider the weight of course, but also the adjustability of the gun.  Often I suggest a shotgun like a semi-auto Beretta Xcel because they are lighter weight, very adjustable in the cast and drop at comb & easy to have shortened.  Adjustable combs and butt plates are wonderful options as well, and if not readily available on the new gun of choice, very easy to have installed on a shotgun, new or one you already have.


Why entertain these options?  As you grow as a shooter and your style develops, your gun can grow and change with you. Gaining and losing weight affects gun fit.  Shooting style affects gun fit.  Having a custom stock is also a great option but in my opinion, should be considered after you have been shooting a while. Now, get yourself a good fitting gun and go have some fun!  Whoo- Hoo!! ~Elizabeth Lanier Fennell       https://www.fennellshootingschool.com/elizabeth.html

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