A bad day shooting?

The remedy?  Pizza and Beer!

So what do you do when you have a bad day shooting? Tell you how I handled it recently….I went home, order pizza and had a beer, then I had one of my kid’s nutter butter bars. Then I figured I had blown the roof off the mother so I went ahead and had two chocolate chip cookies. What the heck, then I had a bowl of Frosted Flakes as well.

Then, starting to feel a bit guilty, I went outside and fired up the leaf blower and cleaned up some leaves. Now, I realize that wasn’t physically raking but if I did too much strenuous work I might have thrown up my previous gluttony. And why ruin a good pig out session??

That night, I pondered my shooting and realized that shooting poorly was not the end of the world but eating like that might be the end of my skinny jeans. In the future I realize I have two better choices: I can focus on my shooting a bit more or plan on some marathon training to keep the pig out sessions in check. I would much rather work on getting my shooting back in line as I hate, and I mean hate, to run.

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